England’s mental health care lacks money, yes – but it also lacks compassion Jay Watts

Wand have made great progress in England when it comes to acceptance and knowledge around mental health issues. But have our basic services also improved in tandem? We are told that clinical approaches to mental health are getting better: that the coercive control of the asylum era is over, heralding care in the community; that … Read more

How to tighten loose skin after weight loss? Try these 10 tips

If you’ve reached your weight-loss target, have you thought about the next essential thing? Well, after weight loss, it’s crucial to build or gain muscle to prevent your skin from becoming loose. Losing weight may feel like an achievement, but loose skin can leave you disappointed. However, with some lifestyle adjustments and exercises, you can … Read more

Excess Screen Time Linked to Earlier Puberty

The study found that exposure to blue light could also alter hormone levels. According to results from a rat study presented at the 60th Annual European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology Meeting, regular exposure to blue light through tablets and smartphones may change hormone levels and raise the risk of early puberty. Longer blue light exposure … Read more

Evening People Show Enhanced Fear Acquisition, Which May Increase the Risk to Develop Anxiety

Summary: The vulnerability of those with evening chronotypes to anxiety, PTSD, and related disorders may be mediated by altered fear acquisition. Do you know what your chronotype is? Chronotypes are our circadian preference profiles, that is, they refer to the differences in performance that each person has in relation to the periods of sleep and … Read more

Mental health meets music in Selena Gomez documentary

After much anticipation, Selena Gomez’s documentary My Mind and Me premiered on AppleTV+ on Nov. 4. The documentary chronicles six years of Selena Gomez’s life and presents the pop icon in an authentic and unvarnished light, giving the audience a fresh and empathetic perspective. Rather than appearing as a conventional documentary, My Mind and Me … Read more

$23M Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center set to open

The anticipation is almost over for the opening of a new, uniquely designed community center focusing on fitness and health in Cherry Hill. The Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks will open the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center at 12:15 pm Tuesday. The $23 million project was designed and built with funding from the … Read more

7 winter superfoods for people with diabetes | Health

As we gear up for the winter season and unpack our woollens it is also the time to start planning for a nutritious diet for the colder season. People with diabetes especially need to eat healthy to build immunity against infections and also manage them blood sugar levels during the season which may go awry … Read more

Pfizer’s RSV vaccine for pregnant women protects newborns against severe illness

Pfizer announced on Tuesday that an experimental RSV vaccine for pregnant women protects newborns against severe illness for at least six months after birth. In phase III of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, considered the gold standard of epidemiologic studies, the vaccine was found to be about 82% effective at preventing severe cases of respiratory … Read more

Muse S (2nd Gen) review: A brain-sensing meditation motivator

We all know meditation has an array of benefits: physical, mental, and all the good stuff in between. But meditation is a practice, not just a “quick fix.” Being the antithesis of today’s instant-gratification culture, it is certainly hard to still your mind and body, especially when results are not immediate. The Muse S (2nd … Read more